Giving and helping our community in need

Wonderful team,. Keep it up guys

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Keep busy

Modern Thought Proverbs, Aphorisms and Epigrams

Uneaten bananas rot; unempathetic hearts clot.

Blessed are the helpful for they will themselves be helped.

The helpless may yet cure themselves by helping.

At a vision’s core exists a necessary chore.

There is no lower class to uplift, only all of us to love.

Beware bad dogs and hungry do-gooders.

Bite the feed work hands you.

God helps those who help anyone other than themselves.

We begin and end with help.

Don’t cry wolf; advance on the rapacious with a shout.


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Simple Acts of Kindness

It’s amazing what a smile can do

Fear not the darkness

Hold open a door. Smile at someone. Say please. Say thank you. Pick up trash that isn’t yours. These actions sound so simple. They sound so unimportant in context of our lives, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Simple acts of kindness like these can turn someone’s day around. You have the ability to cause a chain reaction through simple acts of kindness. Your actions may lead to someone else paying it forward; before you know it, your one, simple good deed may lead to 10 other doing good deeds from, by, and for others. It sounds so simple, but if we are to start living a more loving, happy, and uplifting life, then we have to start small.

Many of my fellow UGA students know of this wonderful lady named Mrs. Sandra, a worker at Snelling Dining Commons. She greets each student that walks into the dining…

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A Bright Smile That No One Sees

Thank you guys


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of serving the homeless at our annual church Thanksgiving event. My church is a very small but close-knit church; we start compiling clothes, shoes, blankets, food, and start getting ready for this event about 3 or 4 months in advance. There was an awesome spread of food; turkey, macaroni and potato salads, rice and beans, drinks, desserts, and hot dogs and hamburgers, just in case we ran out of food. Not only do the homeless in the neighborhood come, but a lot of needy families show up as well. When I was looking for a church family, I purposely selected a church that was in a low-income neighborhood, because there is more opportunity to help and do the meaningful type of work that God has called me to do.

This year, I was asked to help market the event. During the process of posting fliers…

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